From Opeyemi Kehinde (FSU)

What is it like to be on the ocean? Is it really like living on a roller coaster for months? Is it much fun?   I am Opeyemi Kehinde, a second-year master’s student of oceanography at the Florida State University in Dr. Stukel’s lab. I study the lateral advection of organic matter in the eastern Indian ocean using remote sensing. … Read More

From Christian Fender (FSU)

Hello! I’m Christian Fender, a 4th year PhD student in the FSU Plankton Ecology Lab. In one of our previous posts, we shared a little about the variety of drifting arrays we’ve deployed over the course of the BLOOFINZ cruise, with special attention to the mighty incubation array and it’s many (very heavy) daily experiments. Today, I’ll be sharing more … Read More

From Shuai Gu and Ariana de Souza (Duke U.)

We are Shuai Gu and Ariana de Souza, from the Cassar Lab of the Earth and Climate Sciences Department at Duke University. We joined the BLOOFINZ cruise in order to collect biological nitrogen fixation data in this eastern Indian Ocean region, where no field measurements have been available so far, limiting our understanding of how nitrogen fixation is distributed in … Read More

From Natalie Yingling (FSU)

Hi! My name is Natalie Yingling and I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in Dr. Mike Stukel’s lab at Florida State University. The BLOOFINZ cruise is my 5th research cruise, the longest and hottest, since coming to FSU. One of the things I love most about being out at sea is that not only do you get to see … Read More

From Alejandro Jivanjee (RSMAS/CIMAS)

Hi,   My name is Alejandro Jivanjee, I’m a Masters student at the University of Miami in Marine Biology and Ecology. I have had the great privilege of working closely with Estrella Malca for the last year for an internship supported by Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS). I have learned a great amount in my short time … Read More