Back on Dry Land-The Come Down

Whether you are a cruise veteran or a first-time sea-goer, the experience of returning to normal life on land can be shocking both physically and mentally. There are of course, the first few moments as you step off the boat where the stability of the ground beneath you is off-putting. You may giddily jump up and down or stop your … Read More

What to Bring on a Research Cruise?

What do you bring when you head out to sea for a month-long research cruise? Here we present a comprehensive list of items from the tools for our research to the extra personal items that keep us happy when far from home.   Scientific Equipment: As scientists, our top priority is our instruments, equipment and any supplies we may need … Read More

A Monster of Nets: The MOCNESS

Among the net systems used by biological oceanographers, the MOCNESS ranks among the most involved and invaluable. Our MOCNESS (Multiple Opening and Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System) consists of a 1m2 metal frame with 10 stacked nets nested inside of it. The numerous nets are used to target specific depth ranges for sampling so that scientists can examine what … Read More

To the Beat of the Bongo

Biological Oceanographers come equipped with an arsenal of nets at their disposal, with some as simple as a ring net and others like the MOCNESS (Multiple Opening and Closing Net Environmental Sensing System) loaded down sensors and moving parts. Regardless of complexity, each net contains essential core parts including a frame, a mesh and a cod end.   The frame … Read More

Pack it, Load it, Send it

Do you ever leave the house for a long trip with the lingering anxiety that you forgot something crucial? Well take that and multiply it x10 and you’ve got a slight glimpse into how a scientist feels as they set foot on a boat for a month-long research cruise. The preparation, packing and anticipation that goes into planning for an … Read More