From Shuai Gu and Ariana de Souza (Duke U.)

We are Shuai Gu and Ariana de Souza, from the Cassar Lab of the Earth and Climate Sciences Department at Duke University. We joined the BLOOFINZ cruise in order to collect biological nitrogen fixation data in this eastern Indian Ocean region, where no field measurements have been available so far, limiting our understanding of how nitrogen fixation is distributed in … Read More

BLOOFINZ – as seen from the bottom of the food-web (Sven Kranz, FSU)

In 2017 I was approached by Mike Stukel and Mike Landry to be part of the BLOOFINZ project. Without hesitation I agreed – little did I know…. I am originally from Germany but my roots are now in the Sunshine State of Florida where I lead my own lab in the Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science Department at Florida State … Read More